Author: Chong Jinn Xiung

Wonderful new tech from CES 2019
This year more Internet of Things, voice assistants and other smart devices enter the fray.
Microsoft reveals new Surface lineup for 2019
Devices are said to deliver enhanced productivity for individuals on-the-go.
MAHB begins to upgrade KLIA communications infrastructure
Work will impact mobile connectivity at KLIA and KLIA 2 for three months.
Chong Jinn Xiung: My Fave 5 of 2018
A year of people building businesses and making a difference in the community.
Review: Sony’s WH1000X M3 delivers pure noiseless musical bliss
The Mark 3 (M3) has been receiving much praise internationally and it is actually manufactured here in Malaysia.
Review: Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 offers high performance with equally high price tag
Dell’s XPS series has been one of the hallmarks of the ultrabook form factor.
iCandy pins down opportunities, challenges in blockchain games
Numerous challenges stand in the way of fully developing the local blockchain game industry.
Ata Plus: Now anyone can be an angel investor with equity crowdfunding
Allows individuals to invest in early stage companies that have potential to grow.
Game Review: Earth Defense Force 5 evokes that B-movie vibe in a good way
Old is clearly gold as space aliens try to take over the Earth… again.
Lendela makes it easier for borrowers and lenders
While the rest of the financial industry is moving forward, the market for loans has been stuck in the past.
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