Author: Chong Jinn Xiung

The (fast) changing landscape of the Malaysian digital economy
Chong Jinn Xiung looks at the swiftly changing landscape of Malaysia’s digital economy and how we all now live in micro-moments.
Streamline Studios: The Do’s and Don’ts of virtual reality development
Virtual Reality is set to be the next exciting step forward in technology for the next five years but a lot of hard work must go into the development of the optimum VR experience.
MMU sets eyes on a VR future
As industry grows, MMU’s Virtual Reality programme, established 12 years ago, becomes mainstream.
Raising the bar for eSports
Malaysia has aspirations to raise its eSports game to even greater heights. But in order to achieve this, it needs to develop the local scene and nurture the best players.
DNA CES 2017 round up
This year's Consumer Electronics Show showcased a bevy of interesting new technologies and products. We pick out our favourite five.
Neffos X series marks TP-Link’s entry into smartphone wars
 Budget friendly smartphones from TP-Link are their first entries Fast shooting camera, fast charging camera, and mute button among features
Oppo’s R9s ups the ante
Oppo's latest addition to its line of phones, the R9s has gained some upgrades to its speed and camera features.
Big Blue Taxi introduces e-ticketing system
Aiming to help tourists avoid getting fleeced, Big Blue Taxi launches new e-ticketing system
Chong Jinn Xiung: My Fave 5 of 2016
Chong Jinn Xiung looks back on 2016 and chooses his five favourite stories.
Stress-free cleaning Maideasy
Maideasy, with its aim of becoming the Uber of cleaning services, was set up in 2015 and now covers several major cities in Malaysia.
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