Author: Bernard Sia

Big data’s need for integrative thinkers
As a follow-up to his last column on ‘Big data requires big decisions,’ DNA columnist Bernard Sia this week talks about the massive changes required to ensure successful big data implementations – and also offers an example of the Empire using Rebel technology!
Big data requires big decisions
DNA columnist Bernard Sia looks at the required fundamentals if you’re thinking about going the ‘big data’ way.
The five-year shelf life of an IT pro
DNA columnist Bernard Sia has been conducting too many job interviews for far too long, and is now prepared to share his generalizations on the state of IT professionals in Malaysia.
Malaysian systems integrators under siege
Systems Integrators play a crucial role in Enterprise IT; but those in Malaysia are facing mass extinction, writes Bernard Sia.
Social banking with CIMB OctoPay
New DNA contributor Bernard Sia looks at CIMB’s Facebook app and the potential of banking through social networks.
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