Author: Azizul Rahman

Cradle launches MYSTARTUP NXT Micro Conference that will go nationwide
Inaugural MYStartup Annual Report unveiled with three strategies to hit its targets Conference for founders, developers will head to Penang, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu
500 Global backed metaverse development startup, Virtualtech Frontier, launches its Mitoworld
Platform is endorsed and supported by MDEC and MOSTI Browser-based Metaverse creation and experience tool for enterprises
Founders powered Internet Alliance, pulls its weight in Malaysia’s tech ecosystem
Although relatively young, IA has made large strides in ecosystem Key focus is addressing talent shortage to bolster nation’s Digital Economy
Sandeep Grewal is building Subhome, and learning to squeeze wine from stone
Foot was firmly on the growth pedal in 2019 before pandemic hit Transitioned to tech company with its Room Management platform
Why Malaysia needs to take adopting EPR seriously
Associations and organisations are key to making an EPR scheme a reality Voluntary EPR doesn’t work, Malaysia needs legislation & shown bigger pic
Thomas Yip, the Ipoh-based software founder who could
Siemens' acquisition of Radica a natural progression for both parties Yip tapped a deep fear of not making it in life, to entrepreneurial success
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