Author: A. Asohan

The Education NKEA game is afoot
The Performance Management & Delivery Unit (Pemandu) of the Prime Minister's Department has given KDU University College the go-ahead to establish the “MyGameDev2020” Game Development Cluster, which they hope would establish Malaysia as a regional game development center.
Apps contest to get more local content
Networking and communications specialist Alcatel-Lucent Malaysia has launched an app development contest to encourage the creation of more local content on the Internet. The clumsily-titled “Geek-the-Genius” contest, which runs from April 27 to July 20, would require participants to develop educational Facebook applications suitable for children between five and 12 years of age.
BYOD: Kill off those old IT policies, CIOs
If your organization’s IT policy is three years old or more, it is time to put it to pasture and formulate one that recognizes and accommodates the “Bring Your Own Device” trend, new research indicates.About 82% of Malaysian employees surveyed bring their own devices to work, and while 91% say their company is aware of this, 69% say their company’s IT department does not provide any support.
You’ve not seen a rack like this one: HP’s Gen8 servers
Hewlett--Packard has launched its ProLiant Generation 8 servers, the product of the two-year US$300mil research and development Project Voyager program that has seen more than 900 patents being filed. Describing them as the industry’s most “self-sufficient” servers, HP said the Generation 8 was designed on the three pillars of reducing complexity, cost and downtime; and is part of the company’s effort to transform the server lifecyle and redefine data center economics.
Made-in-Malaysia Android phone for under RM500
LOCAL start-up DMD Mobile Sdn Bhd launched in February a full-featured smartphone built on Google’s Android platform, targeted at pre-paid users and costing RM500 or less. The DMD Android Smartphone Communicator, also called the M3 Communicator, comes with a built-in Near Field Communications chip that would allow it to act as a contactless smartcard and electronic wallet, amongst other applications.
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