Author: Ajith Ram

Can we trust our tech companies?
Yahoo is accused of spying on customers. The Yahoo Mail spam filter was modified into a spying tool. After these revelations, can we really trust any tech company, asks Ajith Ram.
Nvidia announces supercomputer deployment
Nvidia has announced the first Asia Pacific deployment of the company's DGX-1 supercomputer at CSIRO in Canberra. It can replace 250 conventional CPU-based servers, writes Ajith Ram.
GTCx, a dazzling preview of the future
GTCx Australia held in Melboune provided a brief glimpse of a future which included VR simulations and virtual babies for pioneering medical research, writes Ajith Ram.
HP accused of fleecing printer customers
After a recent firmware update, thousands of HP printer customers could not use cheaper third party ink cartridges. HP has apologised, but has refused to rule out similar tactics in future.
Logitech has big plans for eSports and gaming
Logitech is one of the world's largest PC peripheral manufacturers. DNA recently interviewed Max Pan, Senior Category Manager for Gaming at Logitech.  
Streamline Studios: A videogame industry success story
With over 100 employees, Streamline Studios is one of the largest game developers in Malaysia. The company's in-house production tool, Streamframe, is now being licensed to other developers.  
Can games like Pokemon Go cure digital zombies?
Despite constant communication, loneliness is a growing problem in society. AR games like Pokemon Go which require players to interact with the real-world could be a solution.
Review: HP Elite x2, excellent value for money
The Elite x2 does very well in the price to performance column. If you are in the market for a new Windows 2-in-1 and do not wish to break the bank, this is a very good choice.  
Review: Honor 5C, not quite unique enough
Although the Honor 5C ticks all the boxes, none of the features are brilliant enough to get the phone to standout in a very crowded market, writes Ajith Ram.
Has the PC triumphed over game consoles?
Since game consoles are now more like regular PCs, it would be fair to say that the humble PC has well and truly triumphed in the decades-old battle, writes Ajith Ram.  
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