Author: Ajith Ram

Yahoo patents Minority Report-style spying technology
NOT content with spying for the US government on its email users, Yahoo now wants to include targeted advertising via smart billboards in its spying arsenal, writes Ajith Ram.  
Can the Switch save Nintendo?
With its hybrid design and focus on core gamers, the Switch could signal the end of Nintendo's handheld business, writes Ajith Ram. 
Review: ZTE Axon 7, behold the new performance champion
While not perfect in all departments, the Axon 7 sets a new benchmark in the premium smartphone segment. Priced much lower than the Galaxy S7, it offers chart-topping application performance at a more affordable price, writes Ajith Ram.
Qualcomm starts 5G war with new modem
Qualcomm's Snapdragon X50 5G modem will ship to device manufacturers next year. Since the 5G spec is not yet set in stone, services will not be available for several years.
Mercedes solves car AI morality problem
Car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has decided that if it comes to a safety choice between drivers and pedestrians, their cars will always choose to save the driver.  
Is Samsung doomed to be the next Sony?
Due to the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung now has an image problem. With a management in transition, the company should learn the lessons of history and avoid Sony's fate.
More bad news for the PC industry
PC shipments have gone down again in what Gartner calls "the longest duration of decline in the history of the PC industry." Smartphones have taken the PC's place for work and play.  
Review: Epson L655, quality meets excellent value for money
The Epson L655 multifunction printer marries high quality with very low printing costs. This makes it a worthy recipient for DNA's first Editor's Choice award, writes Ajith Ram.
Prediction of an impending AI revolution
David Kirk, Nvidia Fellow and the company's former chief scientist predicts a near future which includes fully self-driving cars and intelligent networks.  
Samsung asks customers to switch off Note 7
Samsung has urged owners of the Galaxy Note 7 to turn it off while it investigates reports of replaced devices catching fire. This is a major setback to the company's reputation, writes Ajith Ram.
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