Author: Ajith Ram

Welcome to the HDR TV wars
Two HDR TV formats are vying for dominance in the consumer space. The difference between standard and HDR images is immediately visible.
IPTV piracy becomes big business
IPTV piracy is now big business with over 2.7 million ads offered by the top 100 websites.
Will the VR industry grow up in 2017?
2017 could very well be the year that VR goes mainstream due to cheaper, wireless headsets.
A brave new world for app publishers in 2017
The cost of app installs will continue to rise in 2017. Newer ad formats like video and native advertising will remain the most popular.
Will Microsoft revolutionise the PC industry - again?
Microsoft's introduction of a full Windows 10 experience on ARM CPUs has the potential to increase PC sales, but decrease Intel and AMD's revenues.
Review: HP Spectre 13, a beast inside the beauty
A truly beautiful laptop which does not compromise on performance, the Spectre 13 fully deserves our Editor's Choice award, writes Ajith Ram.
A sneak preview of 2017's security challenges
In 2016, there was a large increase in vulnerabilities in software from Adobe, Apple and Microsoft. The 2017 security focus will be on IoT and mobile.
Review: HP Elite X3, top performance meets versatility
 The HP Elite X3 smartphone coupled with the Desk Dock and Lap Dock is a good replacement for your PC and laptop.
WebTVAsia: Swimming among the traditional media sharks
WebTVAsia is a Malaysian media company challenging the old guard with its focus on mobiles and the millennial audience.
A high tech world beneath your feet
Most IT administrators are not aware of the critical importance of good raised floors in the safe running of IT systems, writes Ajith Ram.
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